Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ten Most Haunted Place in Malaysia

Thrill-seeking travelers would find no shortage of haunted places to visit around Asia. After all, a whole sub-genre of movies called Asian Horror wouldn’t be so popular if cultures across the continent didn’t have their own ghostly legends.
Here are nine places in Asia that are said to be haunted.
Old Changi Hospital – once a military hospital in Singaporebefore being closed down some years ago, this hospital is the most haunted spot in Asia’s most ghost-ridden city. The morgue is a particular hot spot for ghost sightings of the headless and feetless kind. Recently, plans have been drawn out to convert the area into a spa resort. Will it still maintain its most haunted status by then?
Lipe Island, Thailand – located in the Andaman Sea, Lipe is inhabited by the Chao-Le, an ethnic group that are nicknamed the “Gypsies of the Sea.” The Chao-Le still cling to animist beliefs, and say their island is full of rowdy spirits which they call ha-too. Tourists also claim feeling the presence of invisible forces during their visit there. Residents are said to be able to appease these spirits with offerings of cupcakes and cold strawberry softdrinks.
Tao Dan Public Park – in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, this park is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young man who is looking for his lover. Years ago, a couple was attacked in the area, with a man killed while his girlfriend repeatedly raped.
Victoria Institution - a famous school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this was turned into a torture chamber for captured soldiers and civilians by the Japanese during World War II. Apparitions are occasionally sighted during both night and day, and violent possessions among the students have been recorded.
Manila Film Center - situated in Pasay City, Philippines, this building was rushed into construction to meet the deadline for a film festival back in the 80’s. When an accident claimed the lives of several construction workers, the contractors had concrete poured over the remains in order to stick to the schedule. Today, strange voices are heard throughout the Film Center. Attempts to appease the spirits have yet to succeed.
Yu Shan Fan Dian – built in the city of Chengde, China which is north of Beijing. It is a 220-room hotel besides the Yangtze River which is popular with summer vacationers. The ghost of the Dowager Empress Cixi was reportedly sighted by guests, still tending her former gardens. Sightings occurred both inside the hotel and on one of the balconies.
Tuen Mun Road - an expressway in Hong Kong that has a terrible number of road accidents since 1978, running into the hundreds. Drivers claim it is because of ghosts who suddenly appear in front of the cars, which then violently swerve to avoid hitting them.Mount Everest
Mount Everest – the tallest mountain on land is haunted by the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine, who died in his attempt to reach the top back in 1924. His spirit visits the tents of other climbers, giving confidence in their ascent.
So, to thrill-seeking tourists out there, try and test your bravado with these spectral sites. Just make sure nothing follows you home from your trip.
Bhangarh Fort – located in Rajasthan, India, this fort is claimed by some to be the most haunted place in India. Legend says a tantrik placed a curse on the area with death without rebirth. True or not, authorities have banned everyone from staying inside the fort after sunset.